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Carina Hedberg has a passion for business-driven sustainability and innovation. A passion that fits perfectly with the Blastr Green Steel company vision. It all started by coincidence when she attended a Blastr information event in her home village of Ingå in Finland, in January 2023.

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“Upon discovering Blastr, I realized that the company comprised all my interest areas, combining new business development, green financing and sustainability and it all planned to happen in my home village. Blastr was taking a huge investment in the future with an innovative and sound approach.”

Carina began her professional journey as an auditor at KPMG after completing her master's degree in economics at Åbo University.

"After some time, I transitioned into a full-time role as a financial advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I had the opportunity to extensively work across the globe with cross-national teams."

When pregnant with her second child, Carina received encouragement to take a CFO position at Tammet Oy, a Finnish company producing steel products.

"Actually, I started working part time already during my maternity leave, attending board meetings while my son slept outside in the children’s carriage.”

Carina was then asked to return to KPMG, where she then established an advisory team focusing on private and public business.
“When we won a large international bid, part of my team and I relocated to South Africa to work with a renewable energy fund in East and Southern Africa. The fund supported hundreds of companies and raised hundreds of millions of euros for investments.

After spending four years in South Africa, Carina and her family moved back to Finland, where she took an executive MBA. She then joined Greenstep as a senior sustainability consultant working with a wide range of companies. However, when she got a chance to work at Blastr “it was too good to pass up,” as Carina puts it.

How did you become interested in the ultra-low CO2 steel industry?

“I am truly passionate about working for a company that blends business-driven sustainability and innovation. In today's landscape, regulations drive several companies to embark on the path of green transition. However, Blastr proactively takes the lead and actively contributes to the transition. Blastr aims for highly ambitious ultra-low CO2 steel production taking responsibility not only for their own direct and indirect emissions but also the emissions of the entire value chain.”

What is your role at Blastr?

“I’m the Head of Business Development and Sustainability at Blastr, as a part of the Nordic team based in Finland. Our work now includes setting up the Finnish subsidiary, the zoning of the site area, an environmental impact assessment, and a pre-feasibility study for the site in Inkoo.”

Do you have any advice for anyone pursuing a career within your industry?

“It is important to maintain a positive mindset, embrace strong teamwork, and cultivate a genuine passion for what you do. There is ample opportunity also for women to thrive in this industry, and I sincerely hope to witness a greater influx of women in the future.”


Carina Hedberg has extensive international experience from advising and managing renewable industry projects, as well as capital fundraising and asset management.
Starting out as an auditor to a partner in management consulting at KPMG, Hedberg and her KPMG team helped establish a renewable energy fund in South Africa. Hedberg also has experience from steel products manufacturer Tammet Oy, sustainability consultancy Greenstep and from working as a financial advisor for the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She holds a master´s degree in economics from Åbo University, an executive MBA and executive certificate in Leadership from Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK and is a Certified Board Member by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce.

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